Plunge yourself into the Edwards and Co movement and further develop your skills through our bespoke Education Programs. Designed to benefit and improve your skill set as well as enhance communication skills and grasp a unique insight into the Edwards and Co empire.

Our Colour Workshops are designed to benefit you and your business by showcasing a wide range of industry knowledge from consultation, staffing and pricing to colouring and styling techniques.


  • How long does it go for?

    Roughly look & learn will go for 5 hours and hands on will be up to 8 hours. This can also depend on how things are tracking on the day too, so please keep that in mind.

  • Is there parking?

    Surry Hills – No there isn’t, it is only 1 hour. We suggest you get the train to Central Station as this is a 5 min walk up to Kippax or Uber.
    Melbourne – No there isn’t, we are located in the CBD. We suggest a tram, train or Uber depending on where you are coming from. The salon is located a short walk from Parliament station.

  • What is the best hotel in the area?

    It really depends on your budget but we suggest getting on or Airbnb  to find the best price in your area.

  • Do we need to organise models?

    No, we will do that for you.

  • What do we need to bring?

    Look & learn tickets – just yourselves and an open mind.

    Hands on tickets –  please bring your styling kits, this should include everything from colour bows, tint brushes, capes, hairdryer, brushes and an apron.

  • What techniques will we be learning?

    Seamless free-hand balayage techniques, free-hand lo lighting techniques, zonal toning, root shadowing, the perfect hairline highlight, the art of highlight placement, textural highlighting, blending grown out colour, foiliage, & that sort after Edwards and Co wave.

  • Can I bring my assistant?

    Yes, you can, it’s just an extra cost

  • What is GST?

    GST is Australian tax and it is 10%

  • Can I have a receipt?

    Your ticket is your receipt, so hold onto that for tax purposes.

  • Will food be provided?

    Yes, refreshments will be provided on the day.

Our Education Team

Jaye Edwards-Thornberry

Head Colourist and Founder

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Michael Kelly

Director of Education

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Torie Cee

Colour Educator

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Anthony David


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Emily Mander


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Techniques Include:

  • Seamless free-hand balayage techniques
  • Free-hand lo lighting techniques
  • Zonal toning
  • Root Shadowing
  • The perfect hairline highlight
  • The art of highlight placement
  • Textural highlighting
  • Blending grown out colour
  • Foilage
  • That sort after Edwards And Co wave


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