6 Magic Masks for Winter

Look like you’ve made an effort with an absolute lack of time by werking that updo.

Look like you’ve made an effort with an absolute lack of time by werking that updo.


Look like you’ve made an effort with an absolute lack of time by werking that updo.

Jaye’s Pick: Repair your hair

This combination of Virtue and Kevin Murphy products is Jaye’s secret weapon for achieving his signature hair looks. So, follow our step-by-step guide below and enjoy thick, full “Jaye Edwards” hair this summer.. you’re welcome.

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How To: Gravity Defying Hair

Check out our brand new Extreme Volume Kit and top tips for creating sky-high volume.

Our Guide to Growing Your Hair Faster and Longer (Yes, Really)

Here at EdwardsAndCo, we have curated our own Grow and Repair kit and listed everything you need to know about growing thick and long hair—the right way! Here’s a hint, it starts with a healthy scalp and does not involve going platinum.

Introducing Our Christmas Packs

Our Christmas Packs are the perfect gift for anyone wanting to achieve their hair goals

Oily Hair Hacks

If you have greasy hair that’s increasingly hard to maintain, we have just the solution for you… introducing our new Anti-Oil Kit!!

De-Frizz For Curly Hair Kit!

Do you want to eliminate frizz and achieve smoother, more manageable curls? This combination of our favourite salon quality products is perfect for anyone looking to tame their mane.

Mecca, what’s up?
EdwardsAndCo presents MECCA MANES

Ok, so, nobody freak out… but our 9th salon will open it’s doors NEXT WEEK!

As Seen On Instagram

This colour and style by the dream team at our Gold Coast Salon @jemima_edwardsandco and @eliza_edwardsandco is simply just 🙌🏼 😍😳 ...

YES YES YES! Vibin so hard with this mega babes HYDRATED CURLS 💥

This look was created by the POWER trio at our Fortitude Valley salon, styled by @ashjefferey_edwardsandco, cut by @jaiden_edwardsandco and coloured by the master himself @jaye_edwards

✨ Sheer and utter perfection ✨ We want this hair now....

A dynamic trio created this stunning look @charmayne_edwardsandco on the colour, cut by @vanessa_thehairdresser and styled by @wendy_edwardsandco 😍


Need a freshen up in the barber's chair? Our salons are ready for you!

This HOT cut was done by our resident Crown Street barber @hair.byrob  


An actual angel is gracing our feed rn ~ look at that beautiful blonde shine 🧚

​How stunning is this style by @charlotte_edwardsandco and colour by @jacquihair_ at our Gold Coast salon 👼🏼✨


Reds have more fun duhhhh?? 🔥 🔥

The power team at our Fortitude Valley salon @charmayne_edwardsandco on the colour, @jaiden_edwardsandco on the cut and assisted by @maddy__edwardsandco 


Sharp, sleek and fineeeeee 😍

@mattjones_edwardsandco on the style for @willstokoe at our Kippax Street salon!


This is absolutely STUNNING + FIRE! 🔥🔥🔥

Our wonderful Kippax Street stylist @mattjones_edwardsandco created this smoking look and we're in utter love!


We are 150% here for this look on @jai.bower 🔥

@samuel_edwardsandco on the tools at our Fortitude Valley salon 😍