On a sunny Spring Wednesday we welcomed Virtue Labs CEO and Founder Melisse Shaban and her team to introduce the Australian hair + beauty community to a new and one of a kind technology, which lives up to it’s expectations.

Having first come across the protein Alpha Keratin  60ku to treat wounded soldiers who suffered massive life threading injuries bravely fighting for their country, it wasn’t until by chance the protein reached the hands of a hair stylist who mixed a raw form into a colour and saw immediate results to the repair of severely damaged hair.

Just under half a decade and over 30 million dollars in research later, Melisse and her team of scientists were able to find the perfect mix  and create a one of a kind product that we at Edwards And Co can’t get enough of.

We know what you’re thinking, another product range that makes big promises… something we are all too familiar with, but after just one use we knew we had just come across something truly special.

Virtue Labs Lead Educator Dustin Patrick Smith shared with us a visual, which we think best describes how the protein actually works.

Imagine a road filled with pot holes, the holes are the damage (breakage) in your hair. The protein is the tar and the product is the truck carrying the tar. The new tar fills in the pot holes and repairs the road for smooth driving conditions.

See a sneak peak of the official Australian Launch below.

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Written By Olivia Wilcox