If you haven’t been living in a hole over the past few months you would have noticed everyone’s favourite style to love and hate is back! Bangs! We’ve all tried them, we’ve all loved them, strongly regretted them and then loved them again. We like to call this the round-a-bout revolution of the bang.

Our Digital Media Manager @olivia_edwardsandco teamed up with Model @belleorton and Byron Bay Stylist @ryo_edwardsandco at Cacti Mi Casa to show you how to bang… But in all seriousness here is how to rock your bangs, chic and simple.

Step One: Don’t cut them yourself.

Step Two: Embrace texture, we recommend a good texture or sea salt spray. (Dry Texturising Spray – Oribe, Australian Sea Salt Spray – David Mallett)

Step Three: Embrace a little bit of mess, there is no such thing as a perfectly sat bang.

Step Four: Own it.

Photography: Olivia Wilcox