The Textured Wave


When it comes to that perfect go-to look, a textured wave is usually one of our favourites thanks to it’s effortlessly-cool nature, soft look and ability to suit all face shapes. We’ve seen this once deemed just-woke-up look go from bed to beachside to red carpet with celebrities like Margot Robbie and Emily Ratajkowski opting for a textured wave for the oscars.

STEP ONE Start by prepping the hair with the Mr Smith Foundation Cream to get a better hold, this cream will add that extra element to help work with the natural texture of the hair for this look. When prepping the hair you don’t want to take out too much of the natural texture, you more so just want to get rid of the wave to enable to continue building it before you begin brushing it out and applying more product.
STEP TWO Grab yourself large sections and add in a loose wave with the thicker Cloud Nine Straightener. You don’t need to be too precise about creating perfect curls because you want it to be more so like you just woke up – nice and natural and effortless.
STEP THREE Seperate the hair into two sections on each side to help the waves join together slightly and continue to add the curls to the hair. When you’re finished, allow the curls to cool down so they can set in their shape before you begin brushing them out.

STEP FOUR Once you’ve left the curls cool down and you’ve brushed them out, spray the hair with the Mr Smith Sea Salt Spray which will give it a really great textured feel. Dry the product in with some cool light air and then faintly seperate the curls for the final touches and voilà!


Hair: Liam Hubbard @liam_edwardsandco

Model: Marlene @ Chadwick

Makeup: Georgia Ramman

Film: Andy Hatton @ Studio Aton

Soundtrack: Tim Shiel