Charlie Gauci – Educator

No surprises that Charlie’s go-to look is undone, beachy and big. “I would love to do Adriana Lima’s hair. It has always been right up there for me but any Victoria’s Secret Angel would do!” For now, he loves to inspire clients through creating their dream hair. His specialties include crafting bright blondes and sun-kissed brunettes, both with a less is more approach. Having earned the nickname “magic fingers” he’s obviously doing something right.

Charlie’s education focuses on finding new techniques that work for him – often discovered through watching and listening to other stylists. His “hands on” methods allow him to explain concepts to others, and whether he’s demonstrating on himself, a model or a doll head, his practical techniques are appreciated by his students.

Charlie’s attention to detail landed him a spot on the 2018 Education Team travelling to Los Angeles, New York and London alongside founder and head colourist Jaye Edwards to assist and teach at workshops. “I love teaching with Edwards and Co. Education as it gives me so much joy to be show others my art in hair.”