Styling and Maintaining Curly Hair

Everything you need to know about styling and maintaining curly hair

If you have curly hair, you already know how terribly ~moody~ it can be. In our experience, the best way to keep it happy is to get to know it by categorising your curl.

The best way to categorise your curl pattern is by letting it dry naturally and checking out a 2A-4C curl type chart online. We suggest washing your hair, combing in the conditioner, rinsing and scrunching your hair dry naturally. See how much it bounces in its most natural form and go from there. When you know your hair type, there is endless information online for best products and styling tips.

As a general tip, hair health is EVERYTHING when it comes to curls. Write this down; hydration, hydration, hydration! Curls will always sit frizzy when dry, and depending on how fine, corse, wavy or tight your hair is will determine how heavy you need to go with your products.

Curly hair is about creating shape, you want to enhance natural curl definition and create volume. For bouncy and full bodied curls, we have put together our Curly Hair Styling Kit, including our favourite products from Virtue and Iles, carefully curated to ensure a high end finish while locking in intense moisture.

Check out our step-by-step guide to getting the most from your Curly Hair Styling Kit below, plus the must have products and tools to complete the look:

Step 1.
Smooth range from Virtue Labs

Before we get into our styling kit, its crucial to create the perfect foundation with a smoothing shampoo and conditioner. We recommend the Smooth range from Virtue Labs. These gentle, sulfate-free products target hair frizz at the source, smoothing and repairing rough cuticles while minimising friction between strands of hair.

Step 2.
Virtue Labs Moisture Defining Whip

Now you are ready for the first product in our pack, Virtue Labs Moisture Defining Whip, which is applied from root to tip of towel dried hair. This is a weightless, hydrating mousse that works to enhanc natural texture, add moisture, and define curls. It delivers a touchable definition without creating any dreaded “crunch” to you curls, while nurturing and adding shine.

Step 3.
YS Park Universal Mesh Diffuser

Time to diffuse! Diffusers gently disperse the air out of the hair dryer in a way that dries curls without creating frizz, it really allows curls to dry in their natural pattern, which is exactly the look we want to achieve with our Curly Hair Styling Kit.

Step 4.
Iles Finishing Serum

Now that your curls are dry and looking flawlessly defined, you are ready to go through with our final product, the Iles Finishing Serum. This will lock in moisture, which is super important for curly and textured hair. It’s a lightweight serum that will infuse all hair types with softness, strength and a silky, lustrous look and feel. We recommend working the product into your hands and using your fingers to go through and define each curl.

For additional tips on getting the most out of your Curly Hair Styling Kit, check out our IGTV here and stay tuned next week for our curly hair addition.