Switchin’ to silk? A small change can make a big difference.

 Slipsilk pillowcases and eyemasks have arrived at Edwards and Co and we couldn’t be more excited. These pillowcases are not your average bedding silk, they are specially-commissioned and made to the highest level of Slip’s standards, developed and refined over ten years to provide the ultimate combo of shine, thickness, softness and durability. In other words, you will not find a better silk pillowcase anywhere in the world. They are a must-have essential when it comes to travelling and general day-to-day hair care with some of the best bloggers, models and hair stylists preaching the perks of the Slip Pillowcase! Vogue, Net-a-Porter and Byrdie are all on board.

Slip Silk photo via @iampriscillale

Slip Silk photo via @iampriscillale

Why should I use  a slip pillowcase? The importance of hair care doesn’t stop once you hop into bed and traditional pillowcases can cause damage to your hair and face over time. Slipsilk pillowcases allow your skin to gently glide against the super soft material rather than scratching or tugging on your delicate facial skin, which is what is experienced with cotton. Making this change will allow your face to rest comfortably without placing pressure and creasing your skin, assisting with preventing wrinkles and creases.

Not all silk pillowcases are created equal. These beauties are made from mulberry silk with a thickness of 22 momme, making it one of the very best available anywhere in the world.

Bed head be gone! If you want to extend the life of a beautiful blow-dry or just want to simply wake up with fresher hair that’s a little less birds nest and a little more fabulous, then these are must to help your hairdo to stand the test of time. These pillowcases are much more gentle on your hair than cotton, due to cotton grabbing your hair and twisting it at the root in the night whilst you’re asleep, causing damage to your luscious locks and resulting in bedhead in the morning – ain’t nobody got time for that! This is also perfect for those of you with hair extensions, curly hair, fragile hair or for anyone who’s hair needs a little extra tender love and care.

Gentle, hydrating, natural and breathable. Ever wonder why exactly you get bed-head? Cotton draws moisture from your hair which results in drying it out (Fun fact: cotton can hold 24-27 times its own weight in water!) Using a conventional cotton pillowcase can also cause damage to your hair follicles, leading to thinner and less healthy hair.

Silk is also a natural temperature regulator, allowing it to be cooler in summer, so this miracle material won’t sweat like most synthetic satin and other man-made imitation fabrics.

Allergies? It’s au naturel so it’s the ultimate no-brainer. It’s even a natural dust mite resistant which means it’s hypoallergenic and won’t leave you in a sneezing frenzy. Need we say more!

Slip Silk Photo via @flauntandcenter

Slip Silk Photo via @flauntandcenter


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Plus with Xmas coming up this would make an amazing gift.

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