When it comes to beachside holidays, taming your mane can be quite the fiasco – especially when it involves the humidity of somewhere tropical like Bali.

Byrdie sat down with one of our favourite babes here at E&CO Madeline Joy Relph to get the inside scoop on how she manages to maintain lush locks on the go when island hopping and get that Summer holiday hair that we all fantasise about on the reg.

Madeline Joy Relph x Byrdie

B: Your hair is amazing; how do you style it on the daily?

MR: The most styling I do is to straighten my fringe. I spritz in a bit of Kevin Murphy’s Hair.Resort.Spray, scrunch it in, and voilà. I also visit Edwards & Co for a lived-in blonde so my hair looks fresh while I’m traveling. That helps.

B: Any secrets to beating frizz in summery temps we should know about?

MR: I’ve been told I’m lucky with my frizz, I don’t get much of it! My hair’s generally a natural mess, but to keep the mess maintained I sometimes use Kevin Murphy’s Anti.Gravity.Spray.

Pictured: Sunday Supply Co. Sun Ray Beach Umbrella ($239).

B: How do you manage to have such a perfect fringe when you spend so much time in humidity?

MR: My fringe has a hard time in Bali. It has a mind of its own, but I tend to let it run free. I’m in love with R + Co’s Death Valley Dry Shampoo which I use for touch-ups to help control the sweat.

B: Name your 3 favourite hair products.

MR: Kevin.Murphy’s Hydrate-Me Wash and Rinse; my hair is always dry but these babies help a lot! Kevin.Murphy’s Hair.Resort.Spray; for when I haven’t had time for the beach but need that salty hair look. And Olaplex—it consistently saves my blonde hair!

Pictured: Mayde Towel; St. Agni Aiko Basic Slides ($149); Sun Bum SPF 50+ Premium Moisturising Sunscreen Lotion; Christophe Robin Lavender Oil ($58).

On Relph: Zulu & Zephyr Sun Valley Waisted Bikini ($160) and Zed Fray Denim Short ($150); Epokhe Poezd Sunglasses ($230).

On Relph: Zulu & Zephyr Halo Top ($120); Peony Adrift Tanga Pant ($79).

On Relph: Peony Dusty Rose Hi Tri Top ($99) and Dusty Rose Tanga Pant ($79); Lack Of Color Thousand Palms Hat ($99).

Read the full exclusive Q&A for her beauty routine, diet and favourite go-to products to get the perfect frizz-free fringe even in the heat here.


Photographer: Tess Leopold

Hair and Makeup: Byron Turnbull

Assistant: Craig Walker @ Edwards and Co

Creative Director: Bianca Boulden

E&CO x