Celebrity Hair Makeover: Pop Sugar x Remington

Need a little inspiration for the weekend? Check out this live video of our Surry Hills Stylist and hair extension expert Remington Schultz who teamed up with Pop Sugar to share his tips on how to get the must-have ‘Celebrity Hair’ look using Great Length hair extensions for Pop Sugar Editor, Justine.

Whether you want to add length, depth or dimension – having a few extensions strategically placed throughout your hair can really elevate and volumize the feel and look of your hair extensively. The great thing about these hair extensions is that they can be tailored and customised to suit your hair to really maximise their effect as it’s all about blending them in and keeping your hair looking super natural. As you can see below Remington used four different shadings for Justine’s application to match her hair colour, making them look a lot more organic.

Hair extensions are a key addition to your locks when it comes to having celebrity glam-ready hollywood hair like Beyoncé, Selena Gomez and Khloe Kardashian at the ready, that can last a great duration of time when they’re looked after and applied correctly.

Want to add some length to your locks? Book in now with one of our hair extensions experts here.

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