Neck Tie Pony

Ponytails are to beauty what denim jeans are to fashion – their all-occasion appropriateness is unparalleled. Backstage at Fashion Week can always be trusted to serve up new ways of reinventing this every girl’s go-to style, and while many have tried since, we are still obsessed with Guido Palau’s ponytail perfection at Dior Spring/Summer 2016. Combining the charm of the hair tuck with the ease of the ponytail, it’s the easiest way to bring a so-no accessory, the choker into your beauty look. We asked Byron Turnbull from Edwards and Co. to show us how to make it happen.

STEP ONE Prep hair with a smoothing lotion and blow dry straight

TIP If you have curly or coarse hair, double your sleek-efforts with a straightener

STEP TWO Create a crisp middle parting

TIP Use a boar bristle brush to ensure no bumps along the crown

STEP THREE Secure into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck

STEP FOUR Wrap ribbon around your neck like a choker twice, and then wrap around the elastic twice and secure into a knot

TIP Tie a bow for a girly look, or leave the ends loose

MOTION: E. Michael Wolf  (SHOOT)
MODEL: Eva Adams (IMG)
HAIR: Byron Turnbull (Edwards & Co)
MAKEUP: Elsa Morgan
LOCATION: Edwards & Co, Alexandria Sydney