Men’s Beard Grooming 101


Ok boys, it’s time we had a chat about the honoured art of men’s grooming. No single beard grows perfectly within its bounds but that is no excuse for not knowing how to trim your neckline, maintain your perfect length, and which products to use to give you the thickest, fullest beard that will be the envy of your entire crew.

Comb your beard out

Make sure there are no knots and that the hair is nice and neat, the straighter you can get it the better. This will help you see your beard’s extended shape.

Clean up your neck

Start by defining your boarders. Lift your chin and pick a spot two fingers space above the Adams Apple, using your trimer to make your first incision mark (TIP – lower your chin again to double-check the spot either sits on the knob of your Adams Apple or fractionally above, it should never be lower). Next, mark up left and right jawlines by creating an incision mark just under the jaw bone. When you have your three incision marks, use the trimmers to connect all three points, removing all hair that sits below the line. Use your brush to clean away the clippings to ensure you haven’t missed anything.

Define your sideburns

Use your trimmers to follow your natural sideburn line, cleaning it up from the top of the ear, down to connect with the freshly trimmed left and right jawlines.

Straighten out the cheeks

This step will be different for everyone, depending on where their beard line grows to. Flip the trimmers upside down and work with you natural hair line, trimming away any fuzz from your sideburn down to the corner of your lip. (TIP for a super clean, defined line, you can use a razor here, making sure skin has been moisturised first)

Trim your mo

Using your brush again, comb down your moustache hair, focusing on any hair that is going over your top lip line. Get nice and close to the mirror and use your trimmer to trim off anything growing past the lip.

Shape your beard

To keep your beard looking nice and full, use your comb to brush out the hair and remove the finer ends and any flicks. This also helps to shape your beard, making sure it looks thick without losing any length. (TIP for an extra thick and full look, you can use an at home beard dye).

Oil it up

To avoid any redness and ingrown hairs, make sure you use a moisturiser on your neck, we recommend Baxer Oil Free Moisturiser. Use a beard oil to keep your beard smelling fresh and to help with taming and maintaining coarse and curly hair, we lock The Groomed Man Cool Cola Bear Oil.


Baxter Oil Free Moisturiser | $49.95

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The Groomed Man Cool Cola Bear Oil | $34.99

A lightweight, fast-absorbing beard oil that softens, moisturises and strengthens your beard. This oil helps with eliminating itch, preventing dry flakes, preventing spilt ends and cleanses your beard to help with healthier growing.

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