Is your hair feelin’ a little dull this season? Then you need to read this.

The colder months can really take a toll on your hair so we teamed up with Melvin Royce, Senior Stylist and Colourist at our Melbourne Salon as well as Eleven Ambassador worldwide to find out his tips and tricks when it comes to Winter Maintenance.
The combination of windy days, dry air and rain can be quite damaging to your hair, so it is very important to make small key changes to your hair routine that are suited to the season to make sure your hair stays hydrated and retains it’s moisture. This ensures you’re getting the maximum benefit from the shampoo and conditioner products that you’re using.
– What products would you recommend for keeping your hair hydrated? 
During the cold winter months, I always move my clients to a home routine that is high in anti-oxidants. This will keep the moisture levels of the hair in optimum condition. My favourite is Eleven Australia Hydrate My Hair as it contains Avocado oil which hydrates and nourishes your hair. Keeping it soft, silky and bouncy!

– What is your #1 tip you swear by for looking after your hair during Winter?

Once a month I always recommend my clients to come in and get an intensive hydrating and strengthening treatment followed by our signature Edwards and Co blow dry. Think of your hair as a beautiful black dress you save months and months for, you’re not just gonna shove it in the wash and hope for the best.

– How important is it to tailor your hair products to the season?

This is very important, as season changes so do your hair. When in summer choose products that contain UVB and UVA filters, this means they protect the hair from sun damage.  My choice for this is Eleven Australia Miracle Hair Treatment, you can use this all year around as it contains 11 benefits. This is my absolute GO-TO product with every single client.

– Do you have any secret tricks we should be doing in Winter? 

If your hair is coloured or heavily highlighted it is best to use a hydrating and strengthening treatment once a week. If time is not your best friend then try Eleven Australia 3 Minute Repair Treatment. 3 minutes then boom your hair is instantly hydrated with shea butter and strengthen with wheat proteins.
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