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Jaye Edwards

Leading Sydney colourist Jaye Edwards, founder of Edwards and Co. houses Australia’s most innovative, fashion forward hair stylists, makeup artists and beauty experts in sun lit industrial warehouses, restored to their former glory being nominated 2 years running for best new salon design, and winner of 2016 Best Salon Design.

Standing aside from rest, Edwards took a different approach by combining savvy and influential freelancers; Remington Schulz and Jayde Turner Ledwidge, all in the one creative hub.

Developing a cult following of Australian icons; Lara Worthington, and influencers; Jasmine Howell from Friend In Fashion, Sara Donaldson from Harper and Harley, and Australian Actress’ Samara Weaving and Charlotte Best.
Edwards has cemented his spot at the forefront of the industry. Perfecting the iconic Australian sun kissed look, creamiest of blondes and richest of brunettes, being featured in Harpers Bazaar, The Collective, Vogue and Instyle, his portfolio speaks for itself.
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Hayden Doherty

Hayden joined our Surry Hills location in 2016 as Head Colourist and team leader for educating junior staff. His career began in 2003 at a salon north of Sydney where he went on to specialise in colour and educate team members at his previous location also. With a worth of knowledge, skills and experience from performing on stage at Hair Expo, mastering a number of colour specialisation courses as well as teaching an artistic colourist course.

Hayden’s approach to colour is first and foremost suitably, he focuses on tones that compliment his clients natural colouring and life style, through soft colour contrast and seamless blends adding punchy boldness and focal points in all the right areas. His work is effortless, allowing for a relaxed flow of conversation, comfort and trust with clients to ensure their wants and needs are met.

Instagram: @hayden_edwardsandco

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Joel Wallbank

Joel Wallbank originated from New Zealand and is one of our most senior colour technicians. Having worked at Fashion Week in New Zealand and here in Australia, his expertise in styling speaks for itself. This combined with his creative flare has lead him to work on editorial campaigns for various magazines and creating some of the seasons trending look books. However, his true talent lies within the colour world, with his soft and effortless style.

Instagram: @joelwallbank_edwardsandco

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Charlie Gauci

With 6 years experience Charlie’s passion for beautiful and stylish hair has enabled him to quickly establish himself as one to watch. He loves to inspire clients when it comes to achieving the look they love and helping create the vision they desire. His sharp attention to detail and love for voluptuous waves has enabled him to perfect a flawless blow-dry that’ll have you looking like you’ve come straight off the Victoria’s Secrets Runway.

Charlie’s passion and attention to detail landed him a spot on the 2018 Education Team travelling to Los Angeles, New York and London with Founder Jaye Edwards to assist and teach at workshops.

Instagram: @charlie_edwardsandco

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Stephanie Whitaker

Stephanie is both a colourist and stylist joining the Edwards And Co. team with 10 years industry experience. Her portfolio oozes creamy blondes, seamless colour melts and lush voluminous waves.

Stephanie has strong passion colour corrections, bright blondes and extension applications, having a keen eye for detail a worth of knowledge and skills cementing her as an upcoming industry leader.

Instagram: @steph_edwardsandco

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James Plain

James originally hails from Perth, but moved to Sydney to begin a career in hairdressing, where he became Edwards And Co Founder and Head Colourist Jaye Edwards first assistant for two years. This allowed him to quickly develop a strong understanding for hair colour and cutting. As Jaye’s assistant he traveled around Australia and overseas to Singapore, London and Auckland.
During this time he completed additional training with master cutter Dario Cotroneo and shadowed colour specialist Sheree Knobel.
James has worked behind the scenes on runways shows for Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Myer and at the Australian Hair Fashion Awards. Helping him develop a strong set of styling skills.
James now specialises in colour and women’s cuts and is quickly becoming known for his seamless balayage and lived in blondes. Making him the colourist of choice for many Australian models including Evelina Milward and Claudia Wilkinson.
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Craig Walker

Craig began his career in the UK before going on to win awards for men’s styling and also Avant Guard. He joins our Alexandria location with a wealth of editorial styling knowledge from working on the core styling team for TV shows X Factor, The Voice and Dance Boss. He then travelled with Sony Music styling on tour and for music videos.

His passion his men’s styling as well as creating natural sun kissed colour work from creamy blondes to cool brunettes.

Instagram: @craig_edwardsandco

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Georgia Rose Ackermann

Georgia burst into the industry 8 years ago beginning her career as a hair extension specialist plus make up artist. Originally from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Georgia’s love for hair started at a young age. Her career is full of incredible highlights such as working behind the scenes at Melbourne Fashion Week four times over.

Her true passions include creating beautiful colour-work as well as extensions. Her inspirations stem from high fashion magazines, industry big names such as Emma Chen and her colleagues.

Instagram: @georgiarose_edwardsandco

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Cenk Akal

Cenk’s career began close to home at a family run business in Melbourne. A creative industry was always his chosen path, having a strong interest in the arts. Hair was the medium he was introduced to at an early age and since beginning, Cenk’s passion is strongly expressed through his incredible work.

Balayage/lived in colour work is where Cenk’s true passion lies, He said “It’s the difficulty intrigues me and even after years of learning, it still can be challenge you to adapt your skills, the art of making a colour look like it is meant to be, in my opinion is one of the hardest skills in our industry”. 

Since joining the Edwards And Co movement Cenk has developed a strong client base in Sydney producing consistently excellent seamless colour-work.

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Jarod Laing

Jarod is originally from Newcastle Australia, but made the move to Sydney to pursue a career in hairdressing. Jarod’s joins our Surry Hills team with 4 years experience. His attention to detail has enabled him to work for Australia’s top designers at MBFWA, under key industry influencers at hair expo, he has also styled hair for leading fashion editorial magazines and has styled many influencers and models.

Jarods knowledge and passion for the industry ensures he is up to date with key trends within the industry, always seeking new inspiration to further his knowledge. His portfolio boasts natural lived in and seamless blends, finished with dream-like waves and textural cuts. Jarod’s talent and work ethic makes him one to watch in the future.

Instagram: @jarodlaing_edwardsandco




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Travis Gavin-Le Fevre

With 13 years industry experience Travis joins our team with a worth of knowledge and skills. Well travelled and worldly Travis has spent the last 8 years bringing sun kissed Australian blondes to the streets of London. His skill set is evident, completing the L’Oréal Colour Specialist degree with a distinction and mark of 99%, where he then went on to lead a team as a technical specialist as well as being crowned grand finalist for the UK L’Oréal Colourist twice.

Specialising in seamless colour melts and rich dimensional brunettes, which are always perfected.

Instagram: @travis_edwardsandco


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Remington Schulz

Born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, Remington discovered his artistic side at an early age. He opened his hair dressing salon “House of Envy” at the age of 23 where he developed and sold his own range of organic haircare products.
Having already taken on North America, Remington Schulz needed new challenges. Relocating his hair dressing mastery to Sydney, Australia, he has made a name styling Sydney socialites and international celebrities for the past 13 years.
Remington has styled celebrities locally and internationally including Robin Thicke, Carrie Bickmore, Samantha Jade, Nick Jonas, Elle Ferguson, Eleanor Pendleton, Jason Priestly, Natalie Bassingthwaighte, Ruby Rose, Will Anderson, Dr.Chris Brown, Dr. Kerrn Phelps, supermodels Louise Van der Horst, Megan Gale, Michelle Leslie, director Jane Chapden designers Mary Lou Ryan, Jessie Hill, Melanie Greensmithe, Fluer Wood, Pip Edwards, musicians Daniel Johns (Silverchair), Ricki Lee, Sneaky Sound System, Example and Jimmy Barnes to name a few.
One of hottest hair stylists in Australia, Remington’s range of work covers fashion editorials, fashion parades, movies, music videos, advertisements and TV Commercials, as well as TV programs including ‘The Voice’, the ‘Biggest Loser’, ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’, ‘Make Me a Supermodel’, ‘So You Think You Can Dance’, ‘X Factor’, ‘The Project’ and ‘Style Squad’.
Remington’s demand and artistry shows no signs of slowing down. Giving back to the industry he loves, he is an Educator and Ambassador for “Great Lengths” hair extensions range and also consults salons, schools and private educators in the Australian industry. He has also just been announced as the Australian Ambassador for Pantene.
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Taylor James Redman

Taylor James Redman is a youthful, engaging hair stylist with a bright future in editorial, events and session styling. His career began in Northern NSW and spans nearly 10 years, having now worked with some of Sydney’s top salons. Taylor’s style can be described as effortless and wearable. 

His talent for editorial has seen him chalk up professional credits with notable mastheads Vogue Australia, InStyle, Elle, Jones, Myer Emporium, Inprint, the Sunday Telegraph’s Sunday Style, Oyster and Fashion Journal. Events of note are trunk shows for Hemès, Bulgari and Chanel and presentations at Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Australia. Taylor has also traveled to the US for New York Fashion week.


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Jayde Turner-Ledwidge

Jayde Turner-Ledwidge is emerging as one of Australia’s most dynamic hairstylists. Dividing her week between editorial photoshoots, advertising campaigns, television shows and runways, she uses EdwardsAndCo as her base to tend to her loyal clientele.

Trained by some of the industries most respected hairdressers, stylists and colourists she has acquired the ability to create beautiful hair through creativity, colour, precision cutting and knockout finishings.


Coming up to a decade in her career, her extensive portfolio includes Fashion Week, publications including Oyster, KAREN and Culture, Television Commercials and Productions such as Trinny and Susannah, X-Factor, Events, Music Videoclips and more. Annually booked to be a part of Hair Expo, Australia’s finest industry event, Jayde gets the chance to work alongside her peers to inspire and be inspired, leaving with innovative idea’s to satisfy her passion that therefore keeps her consistently in high demand
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Liam Hubbard

Liam Hubbard has made his presence within the hairdressing industry for the past 7 years, starting off at the tender age of 16.
Learning alongside his mentor Jaye Edwards and taming the manes of some of Sydney’s most influential, fashion forward beauty influencers; Benji Condi, Dominique Elissa, Eloise Morris, Keira Rumble and fashion icon twins Danielle and Nicole Benton.
His infectious personality combined with his love for styling has led him to assist some of Sydney’s most respected stylists such as Jaye Edwards  and Jayde Turner-Ledwidge.
His passion for the industry is evident, which has pathed his way on to shoots with International Brand Free People, styling Mimi Elashiry and recently filming a styling ‘how to’ guide for Aussie brand Mr. Smith.
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Justin Calverly

Justin is a South African born and raised, London trained, freelance hairdresser.

Influenced by some of the industries most respected and talented hairdressers and colourists, his fascination with hair colouring and pushing the conventional envelope in hair cutting has been channelled into a successful hairdressing career spanning more than 20 years. He is passionate about providing his clientele with the ultimate look to suit the individual by keeping them up to date with current trends and by continually doing extensive research on the latest colour and cutting techniques.


From owning his own salon in Cape Town for ten years, he has also been involved in editorials for Marie Claire and Elle Magazine, as well as having lived and worked in Salons across London and Hong Kong where he attended courses at the Vidal Sassoon Academy and trained to become a Great Lengths Hair Extensions Specialist. “Hairdressing has always been my true love. There is no better reward than standing behind the chair and transforming someone’s life for the better.”
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Kristina Russell

An exceptionally talented and true artist, Kristina Russell has been at the pinnacle of
hairdressing for more two decades. Kristina is a Colour Correction Specialist and Master
Colourist at Sydney’s Edwards and Co, plus she travels the world teaching classes of her
own design to the hairdressing industry.
Kristina is the Redhead Expert at Surry Hills Edwards and Co, and author of Ebook ‘The
Ultimate Guide to Hair-Painting for Redheads’. Her salon clientele is incredibly varied. She
tends to specialise in Blondes & Redheads & Pastels based on her technical skill and
artistic flair. She absolutely loves the challenge of corrective colour and offers creative
solutions to her transformation clients.
In June 2010, her creative influence on our industry earned her the coveted title
‘Australian Hair Expo Colour Technician of the Year’.
Kristina Russell is renown for her unique approach to colouring hair as if it is a ‘blank
canvas’. Combining hair painting and precise foiling, Kristina creates dimension by
colouring in shadows and texture.
Her photographic work has been published in over 30 countries. She is a favourite
amongst magazine editors and fashion bloggers and is often quoted in magazines that
include Vogue, Cleo, Cosmo, Oyster, Harpers & YEN.

Kristina Russell is renowned for her unique approach to colouring hair as if it is a ‘blank canvas’. Combining hair painting and precise foiling, Kristina creates a 3rd dimension by colouring in shadows and texture. She absolutely loves the challenge of corrective colour and offers creative solutions to her clients on a daily basis.  
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Alisha Mortensen

Alisha is an innovative and talented hairdresser who has a passion that lies in in technical colours and creative cutting. Beginning her career nearly a decade ago in leading salons across Sydney. Whilst working in Australia she was regularly involved in events such as Mercedes Benz fashion week and various hair expos.
Alisha specialises in keratin hair treatments, leading her to become an educator for GkHair. In her role for GkHair Alisha travelled throughout the UK as well as to Egypt, India and Eastern Europe where she shared her knowledge and expertise.
Alisha has since returned to Australia after working in Soho London’s West End. Here she worked alongside many top stylists from around the world gaining immense knowledge and new techniques.
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Aidan Gardner

Aidan burst into the industry 9 years ago, originally from London working at some of the most high end salons.
He is a senior stylist and colourist who has a flair for precision cutting, and bobs, bringing an edgy London vibe and combining it with Edwards and Co’s lived in natural look.
He has a strong eye for detail and is able to achieve a wide range of looks catering to every clients needs.
His portfolio oozes creamy dimensional blondes and bright balayages, which are always finished to perfection. 


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Belle Jackson

Belle Jackson started her hairdressing career over 10 years ago at Oscar Oscar in Queensland, she then took a leap of faith and moved to Sydney to fulfil her dreams of being an editorial stylist and salon owner.
She opened the salon – Hair Cartel at Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach in 2014 and owned this successful business for the next 3 years.
Belle has been a hair stylist on popular TV shows, X Factor, Dance Boss, worked on Fashion Weeks for Chanel, Hermès, MacGraw, Anna Quan, Camilla and credited for editorial shoots for Vogue Australia, I.D.
For the past 3 years Belle has been a part of the Oribe education team and travelled internationally to be trained by Kien Hoang, James Pecis and Nicci Welsh.
Today, Belle is the National Lead Educator for Rogue Beauty and a freelancer at our Surry Hills location. She is very passionate about teaching education and loves to watch each stylist grow into strong and skilled hairdresser.
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Nicole Sudjana

Nicole Sudjana joins Edwards and Co with 13 years in the industry having worked in some of Australia’s best salons. Refreshingly honest and diligent is Nicole’s approach to her life and craft.

Nicole has styled celebrities locally and internationally including Miranda Kerr, Christine Centenera, Lana Del Ray and Ellie Goulding to name a few. Travelling to New York and Paris Fashion Week twice a year since 2012, Nicole has worked for designers such as Stella McCartney, Yohji Yamamoto, Maison Martin Margiela, Issey Miyake, Vivienne Westwood, DKNY, Vera Wang, Ann Demeulemeester, Haider Ackermann, Tommy Hilfiger, Jeremy Scott, Rochas, Rue de Mail, Paco Rabanne, Acne, Chloe, Tsumori Chisato, Victor Alfaro, Rick Owens.

Instagram: @nicolesudjanahair

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Kerrie Bolton

With over a decade of experience, specialising in colour alone. Kerrie Bolton has travelled to New York to be mentored by the most in-demand celebrity colourist, Tracey Cunningham.
Kerrie Bolton has a soft-cool-edge to her colouring styling. Keeping up to date and being inspired by her travels to New York.
Her ability to create amazing blondes; take hair from dark to blonde and always keeping the integrity of the clients hair.
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