Keep Your Blonde Healthy This Summer

We asked our Education Director Michael Kelly his tips for our #blondebabes to keep their colour bright and hair healthy this summer! Blonde can brass quickly, so here’s a few simple tricks to help keep your freshly highlighted hues bright and creamy for the duration of your colour!

“What are the best tips to keep your blonde bright?”

A big no when it comes to blonde maintenance is straightening or waving your hair when the hair already had a smoothing oil in it. Oils are a conductor of heat and if you over expose the creamy blonde hair to mechanical heat you will find that the oil will burn the causing a brownish tinge to the hair. My recommendation is to use a leave-in spray like the Christophe Robin Aloe Vera Hydrating Spray, a weightless option for hydration and smoothing without the brass contributing oils that can burn into the hair.

Allowing sweat to sit in the hair for too long can also contribute to staining. It’s gross to think about but when you sweat your body produces a chemical reaction that stains garments, think yellow sweat patches on your favourite white tee or your sheets after a hot summers night. The same thing can happen to your hair. Being a porous blonde you want to cleanse your hair after lots of sweating. Cleansing away the grime will avoid the hair colour tarnishing.

“What products do you recommend for the babes who spend their summers at the beach?”

I always recommend my blondes use something hydrating on their hair while they are baking in the sun or swimming in the sea. Anything with a spf protect in it is the ultimate option. My recommendation is to use the Christophe Robin Lavender Oil. Work some through your hair while you’re at the beach and cleanse it out when you get home. This product is amazing as it has a UV protector in it and it always hydrates your hair at the same time. Also remember that the best option when outdoors at the beach is to actually hide the Hair, wearing a hat will save not only your hair but also your face. You’ll thank me when you’re wrinkle free and sunspot safe!


“What is the biggest mistake made which can damage your hair or your colour?”

Allowing your colourist to do balayage on-top of balayage on top of balayage. Think of it like this, bleach is NOT a conditioning treatment, so regardless of whatever precautions you’re taking with the colouring process, if you overlap bleach on top of bleach you’re bound to find the ends damaging quickly. Also, to achieve bright creamy blondes, your colourist will have to use a high-volume bleach to achieve the goals, this in turn if done several times will lead to integrity issues, resulting in breakage. I always recommend using Olaplex, it’s a no brainier and a must when bleaching. Ask your colourist to highlight when connecting dark root areas to the light balayage or a quick lifting technique like basin balayage to brighten existing blonde without over bleaching it.

– Love E+Co x