How To Rope Braid

If there’s a braid that offers maximum impact with minimal skill, it’s the rope braid. Super versatile, making it work for your style comes down to a game of textures. Smooth and sleek, like we saw at Public School Spring/Summer 2016, works perfectly against pared-back looks or for the evening. If your style is more feminie and flowing however, try the dishevelled and loose look we saw, and recreated from the Rebecca Minkoff Autumn/Winter 2016 show. Here’s how to make it happen.

STEP ONE Prep hair with a texture spray and dry through for extra grit and hold

STEP TWO Wrap 2cm sections of hair around a curling wand, softly teasing each curl between your fingers to loosen it up

TIP Don’t worry about making the curls too perfect, for this look, more relaxed the better.

STEP THREE Secure into a low ponytail at the nape of your neck

STEP FOUR Split the ponytail in two. Twist each half from the centre outwards and then wrap around each other to form a rope

TIP Soften the rope between your fingers to loosen the look

MOTION: E. Michael Wolf (SHOOT)
MODEL: Eva Adams (IMG)
HAIR: Byron Turnbull (Edwards & Co)
MAKEUP: Elsa Morgan
LOCATION: Edwards & Co, Alexandria Sydney