How To Get The Most Out Of Your Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo has long been the blow wave-prolonging, fragrance-freshening, texture-supplying fairy godmother of haircare. It’s a handbag essential for everyone from the corporate gal on the go, to sleep-deprived mums. Loved for its convenience, many of us don’t even appreciate the hair health benefits it offers, with less actual shampoo stripping our hair of its natural oils. 


Despite being a daily ritual for many of us, we really don’t know what we’re doing when it comes to application. So, let’s breakdown our top tips for transforming stringy strands, into a voluminous, fresh feeling mane. 


Shimmy it up

Make sure you shake up the bottle well to avoid a powdery finish. Mix up all the good stuff to reap the rewards of an effective dry shampoo.


Spray at the roots 

Separate your hair into small-sized sections, the smaller you make them the better result you will achieve. Hold the can around 30cm away from your hair and spray directly onto the roots. Distance helps the product fall evenly, avoiding any unsightly clumpiness. In terms of how much product to use, base this on your personal experience, if you have been to the gym or gone for a run, you can always add a little extra spritz. 


Zhuzh it up

This is the science-y part. Give the product a few minutes to work, allowing the oil-absorbing powders to wrap themselves around your strands, sucking up any grease and neutralising odours. Massage the product in with your fingertips to help accelerate absorption and watch any white residue begin to disappear.


Style and go 

By this stage, your hair is probably going to need a little smoothing out. Use your brush, styling tools or product as normal, and you’re set. After that, hands-off! The less you touch it, the better it looks.


Ready to give it a go yourself?

Here are some of our favs;

Jaye Dry Texture Spray | $49.95

If your hair is feeling a bit flat, you need to try this. An invisible dry texture spray that gives you instant lived-in and soft tousled hair. A buildable formula which is easy to use, humidity resistant and leaves you with that next day hair that lasts all week. Spray close for a gritty texture and further away for a finer texture. 

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Virtue Labs Refresh Dry Shampoo | $44

The perfect pick-me-up to give your hair that refresh it needs! A dry shampoo that cleanses your hair while also enhancing your scalp health. This invisible, lightweight formula removes build-up, oil and odour from your hair and revives it with each use. 

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Kevin Murphy FRESH.HAIR | $39.95

The name basically says it all. Get the ultimate fresh hair with this hardworking dry shampoo. Gives your hair an instant boost of freshness while removing any buildup, excess dirt and oils. 

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Kevin Murphy DOO.OVER | $42.95

A finishing spray and dry shampoo in one. Refreshes your hair while removing excess oils and product residue, leaving your hair feeling soft and velvety. 

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