We’re all for accessories this season as the cooler weather kicks in. 

Autumn and Winter is always about layering your basics and keeping it simple so statement jewellery pieces are perfect for easily adding an extra element to your look. Team this up with some killer hair and you’ve got yourself a winning combination!

Need a little inspo? We’ve put together 6 of our favourite looks that’ll make your earrings pop each time you wear them, no matter what the occasion is.


This is the perfect go-to look if you want something effortless yet still beautifully done. It’s light textured feel allows it to suit any outfit and flawlessly compliment a beautiful necklace or pair of earrings. We love this style best with a touch of gold.


STEP 1. Prep the hair with R+CO Vicious Hairspray and brush through product until the hair is soft and silky.

STEP 2. Take big sections and use a large tong to create curls throughout.

STEP 3. Use a widetooth comb to seperate the curls.

STEP 4. Once the curls have been loosened up, grab all the hair from just below the ears and then begin to plait.

STEP 5. Plait 3/4 of the hair down and secure with a tie, leaving extra hair out. Then wrap a thin section of hair around to cover the tie for detailing.

STEP 6. Pull out small pieces of hair around the face for framing then lightly dust the Kevin Murphy Powder Puff for extra volume and texture plus add a little spritz of Shimmer Shine for a subtle glossy finish.

Styled with: Valere Angelina Earrings, 66 Label Billie Silk Scarf, Valere Donatella Earrings and Valere Daniella Choker Necklace.


A bold pair of earrings go hand in hand with a red lippy and a side swept fringe for the ultimate romantic look. Another simple style that can be easily done and transform you in seconds! All you need to do is add a little white lace detailing and leave the eye makeup natural to let your hair and earrings do the talking.


STEP 1. Use Hair Resort Spray and spray throughout.

STEP 2. Blowdry roughly with fingers to create natural texture then smooth out fringe area.

STEP 3. Use a comb to create a deep side parting, then sweep across face and tuck in behind opposite ear.

STEP 4. Use R+CO Outer Space to secure and smooth down parted hair.

STEP 5. Push the rest of the hair behind your shoulders for a sleek finish.

Styled with: F+H Bianca Large Hoop Earrings,


We’re all about this unique twist for this half updo! Another hi impact hairstyle that can be recreated in minutes for any occasion. Dress it up with a statement eye and a nude lip then add a silver pair of drop earrings to compliment.

Want to take it up a notch? Pair it up with an off the shoulder blouse for a feminine touch to balance out the edgy eye makeup.


STEP 1. Prep the hair with R+CO Vicious and brush out until silky smooth.

STEP 2. Use large tong and curl the hair outwards on either side, then let hair set for 5 minutes before brushing out.

STEP 3. Brush your hair back and take a 10 centimetre section of the top of your hair from the front hairline back. Secure with a hair tie into a ponytail, not fully looping the last bit through.

STEP 4. Use Vicious to comb back any flyaways in the top section.

STEP 5. Use Oribe Flexible Finish Cream through the rest of your hair to smooth down the hair and get a glossy shine.

Styled with: F+H Kate Multi Gemstone Chain Earring and F+H Claudia Diamond + Cross Drop Earrings


We can’t get enough of our classic signature waves! Our most requested finish, this look is perfect for any time, occasion and hair colour. Push one side behind your ear for a more sleeker approach and a little peek at a pair of drop statement earrings.


STEP 1. Begin by prepping the hair with the Kevin Murphy Session Spray and brushing through the product once dried.

STEP 2. Use medium tong with large sections to create waves directing away from the face. Let cool down once finished for 5-10 minutes.

STEP 3. Use a wide tooth comb to brush through the curls.

STEP 4. Loosely pull apart hair to create volume.

STEP 5. Finish off with the Oribe Flexible Finish Cream for our dreamy signature look.

Styled with: F+H Johnny Onyx Earring, F+H Grace Hammered Choker


Have you been dreaming of a fringe but can’t commit to the change? This is the style you need – a cheeky new faux fringe in seconds that you can add yourself. This quick hair transformation is the ultimate game changer that can be done with a little flick.

For the earrings? The bolder the better for sure. We love these oversized gold crosses teamed up with this hairstyle! You’ll have people doing a double take when you walk by.


STEP 1. Start by prepping the hair with Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray to give hold to the hair.

STEP 2. Tie a tight high ponytail on the top of the head.

STEP 3. Wrap around to create bun, leaving the ends of the hair out facing the front.

STEP 4. Secure with bobby pins (but don’t let anyone see them)

STEP 5. Use R+CO Badlands to give texture and seperate the hair for the faux fringe.

Styled with: Valere Donatella Earrings


This is the ultimate it-girl style, a subtle nod to the cool kids of Grease with the statement collar and side slick. We love this look for its versatility. Perfect for tucking into just your jacket, into a tied silk scarf or better yet both! Add a set of oversized earrings and you’re ready to take on the night.

This is also a great style for a faux bob! Fake a fresh cut and temporarily test out shorter locks.


STEP 1. Use Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity Spray and blowdry in to create volume.

STEP 2. Spritz Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Spray throughout to add texture to the hair.

STEP 3. Push the hair into a loose side part and spray the front with R+CO Vicious to give a little height.

STEP 4. Take hair and tuck into collar and pull out pieces slightly out the front for desired styling.

STEP 5. Add a silk scarf or any extra pieces to finalise the look.


Model/Muse: @dominiqueelissa

H&MU: @dane_edwardsandco

Photographer: @melcartmer_photographer

E&CO x