Our Guide to Growing Your Hair Faster and Longer (Yes, Really)

It’s the number one thing we hear from you guys… how do I grow healthy hair, faster?  Hair typically only grows between a quarter to a half an inch per month, and while there is no secret to growing butt-length hair overnight, there is a way to increase that monthly growth a bit!

Here at EdwardsAndCo, we have curated our own Grow and Repair kit and listed everything you need to know about growing thick and long hair—the right way! Here’s a hint, it starts with a healthy scalp and does not involve going platinum.

Step 1.
Apotecari Mane Event

We’re obsessed with this product! We recommend anyone with damaged hair, or those wanting to encourage new hair growth, take this vegan hair supplement each morning to start the day. It’s been formulated by naturopaths and nutritionists to optimise hair growth, length and condition. It contains amino acids, activated B vitamins and silica to provide hair with the essential building blocks to strengthen hair and encourage growth. Give it 90 days and you will see a HUGE improvement.

Step 2.
Virtue Labs Topical Scalp Treatment

Next you want to apply the Virtue Topical Scalp Treatment, a healthy scalp really sets the foundation of healthy hair growth. Apply along your part and disburse throughout the scalp before bed each night, the combo of hair-and-skin-loving ingredients will keep your scalp healthy, and support stronger, more lush hair. It absorbs quickly, too, so you don’t need to worry about your sheets.

Step 3.
Redken Extreme Length Sealer

This leave-in treatment repairs split ends and prevents future breakage for shiny, soft, healthy hair that grows faster. Use this on freshly washed and towel dried hair before styling.

Step 4.
Virtue Labs Healing Oil

This last product is actually magic. It provides lightweight shine, softness and hydration to your hair and is formulated with a blend of nourishing oils plus Virtue’s first-of-its-kind Alpha Keratin 60ku protein. This oil repairs, strengthens and protects without ever weighing down your hair. You can use on damp hair before blow-drying or on dry hair to add shine.

Don’t forget to check out our latest episode of Hair By You for our Master Colourist, Charmayne’s IGTV tutorial with extra tips and styling tutorial!


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