How To Get Gigi Hadid Twist

Since hitting the fashion week circuit, Gigi Hadid’s sunny California-girl beachy waves have become her signature. Putting a wintery twist on her trademark look at New York Fashion Week, we’ve since seen her front twist pop up on Hailey Baldwin and Victoria’s Secret model Bruna Lirio.

The best part about Gigi’s New York look? It totally masks second day hair too – simply spritz your front section with some dry shampoo to save your hard-earned curls for another day.

STEP ONE: Prep hair with a sea salt spray and dry in, softly scrunching with your fingers for extra texture.

STEP TWO: Using a medium curling tong, wave 4cm sized sections of hair, wrapping away from the face.

TIP: The trick to creating S-bends, instead of barrel curls is to hold each section at the bottom and twist as you curl.

STEP THREE: Section out a horseshoe shaped section of hair at the front of your head.

STEP FOUR: Starting at the very front twist towards the back, gathering more hair from the horseshoe section as you go. Secure with a bobby pin.

STEP FIVE: Loosen waves and tease softly for more volume by flicking your wrist up as you brush down the hair.

TIP: Use volumising powder for more hold.

MODEL: Jessica Grace Thomas (IMG)
HAIR: Byron Turnbull (Edwards & Co)
MAKEUP: Elsa Morgan
LOCATION: Edwards & Co, Alexandria Sydney