With the heat rising, sun shining and the nights getting longer, we know that the Summer festival season has well and truly begun!

Heading to Falls Festival, Lost Paradise, Beyond The Valley or Field Day this New Years? Kick off the new year with a fun festival look thanks to our edgy braid style, a refreshing and modern take on the classic bohomeian inspired braid.

This is the perfect style to take from day-to-night with basically no maintenance – giving you more time to spend dancing the night away to your favourite bands.

When it comes to festival hair, the key is keeping it simple. Making sure your style is comfortable, easy-to-do and of course durable to the many weather changes that seem to always happen at a music festival! Rain, hail or shine – this braid look is good to go.

STEP 1: To begin, section the hair 1.5cm wide down the middle from the front hairline to the top of the head.

STEP 2: Start an inside-out braid.

STEP 3: Remember to keep the sections small and tight when braiding.

STEP 4: Once you get to the back, plait the hair down and secure with a hair tie.

STEP 5: Prep the rest of the hair with the EVO Builders Paradise and brush out.

STEP 6: Using an iron, take a large sections and curl away from the face.

STEP 7: Brush out the wave and add a little EVO Love Touch.

STEP 8: Finish off with the EVO Haze and use your fingers to tease the hair for more texture and volume.


Model – @marnykennedy

Hair and Make Up – @dane_edwardsandco from @_edwardsandco

E&CO x