De-Frizz For Curly Hair Kit!

Bouncy and hydrated natural curls defined to perfection and free from frizz!

Do you want to eliminate frizz and achieve smoother, more manageable curls? This combination of our favourite salon quality products is perfect for anyone looking to tame their mane.

If you have textured tresses, your battle with frizz is likely a daily challenge, and one that is rarely victorious. Wavy, curly, and coily girls alike already know that textured hair is highly prone to dryness, and dryness is the route of all frizzy evilness. Frizz occurs due to a lack of hydration in the hair, causing it to seek moisture from the air around it, this is why humidity is the absolute WORST. In addition to the weather and a lack of moisture, frizz can be caused by the products you are using, your styling tools and even your lifestyle.

The good news is, here at EdwardsAndCo, we have curated a bundle of our favourite products to keep your curls hydrated and frizz free, check out our top tips below for getting the most from your De-Frizz For Curly Hair Kit!

Step 1.
PUREOLOGY Curl Complete Shampoo and Conditioner

The only thing curly hair loves more than moisture is its own natural oils. Leave them where they are by using this low-lather, sulfate free shampoo that respects your hair’s natural fibers. We recommend you shampoo twice, the first round will start to loosen any residue and the second will really cleanse it out, followed by the conditioner to close the cuticle and lock in moisture.

Step 2.
Redken Curvaceous Full Swirl

This 2-in-1 curly and wavy hair cream serum formula fights frizz, seals in moisture and locks out humidity. It provides control for all curl types and enhances the full-body of each curl. Apply liberally to mid lengths and ends of towel dried hair before diffusing.

Step 3.
The Dry Off

The key to a frizz free curl is all in the dry. Diffusers gently disperse the air out of the hair dryer in a way that dries curls without creating frizz, it really allows curls to dry in their natural pattern, which is exactly what we want!

Step 4.
O&M Frizzy Logic Shine

Applied to damp hair pre blow drying or dry hair to finish, this product is going to minimise frizzy fly-aways and lock in moisture without leaving any crunch. We recommend going through with your fingers, defining each curl.

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