Caring For Your Hair In A Winter Climate


We all have our hair woes, but one thing we all share in common is drier hair in the cooler seasons. Summer season, while as carefree as you may feel – can leave us with sun-damaged hair, leading to premature ageing (just like our skin) such as brittle ends, faded colour & breakage.

As the weather gets colder, there is less moisture in the air – making our sun-damaged hair even more prone to dryness (and therefore snapping), not to mention frizzy and flat locks.

Colder seasons are the perfect time to restore and grow your hair. Invest in some quality hair products and follow these simple tips and your hair will be healthy, shiny and glowing come Summer time.

TIP 1: Dial down the hot water

We know, there’s nothing better than a hot, steamy shower on a cold morning. But, did you know hot water opens the pores of your hair cuticles (just like our skin) and can strip the natural oils from our hair? Without these natural oils, your hair follicles can become depleted and brittle. This causes hair breakage.

TIP: If you can’t possibly live without your hot showers in winter, then be sure to rinse with cool water at the end to SEAL your hair follicles and help lock in moisture after conditioning.

TIP 2: Don’t wash your hair every day

In colder climates, we tend to sweat less and have less oil on our scalp. Which means we actually do not need to shampoo as often! Shampooing unnecessarily (and with bad quality products) every day can wash away the natural, essential oils from the scalp that travel from roots through the hair tip. A dry and itchy scalp can be a reason for hair loss.

TIP: If you MUST wash your hair daily, opt for sulfate-free shampoo suitable for daily use. Such as Christophe Robin’s Purifying Shampoo

TIP 3: Invest in a good quality hair treatment

Turn on the Netflix, put on those comfy socks and prepare to drench your hair in one of these treatments one to two times a week. Why? Hair treatments maintain and add moisture to your hair, can increase elasticity (goodbye breakage!) and decrease frizz.

Here are some of our best selling masks:


Virtue Labs Restorative Treatment Mask | $99 – (50mL also available for $55)

Silky smooth hair in 3 minutes. Virtue Labs Restorative Treatment Mask is a burst of hydration in a tub, giving you an instant boost of moisture to repair, restore and add shine to your hair. Infused with Virtue Labs’ one-of-a-kind Alpha Keratin, this mask will work wonders to rebuild and strengthen your hair with each use.

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Iles Formula Haute Performance Mask | $119.99

A cocktail of goodness for your hair. Strengthen and nourish your hair with the Iles Formula Haute Performance Mask. Packed with silk proteins, nut oils and butters, this mask will soften, repair and restore shine back into your hair.

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Rejuvenate your hair with this at-home treatment masque. YOUNG.AGAIN.MASQUE by Kevin Murphy will deeply condition and restore your dry, damaged and brittle hair. Packed with essential oils and amino acids, this mask will give your hair and scalp the TLC it needs. Leaving you with shiny locks full of body and volume.

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TIP 4: Use a good quality leave-in treatment

There’s no denying that leave-in hair treatments help to detangle and smooth our tresses. Lotions, sprays, creams, gels – they’re all out there.

TIP: Our stylists like to spray/squirt/drip leave in’s onto the palm of there hands and then running their fingers through the hair, instead of applying straight to the hair.

Here are some of our favourite leave-ins based on the needs of your hair:


Virtue Labs Healing Oil | $56

Heaven in a bottle. Virtue Labs Healing Oil a first-of-its-kind blend and the ultimate multi-tasker. A clear oil that helps to repair hair damage, moisturise, strengthen. With a glossy finish, this oil leaves your hair feeling soft and looking shiny.

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Virtue Labs Refresh Purifying Leave-In Conditioner | $42

Spray on this mist to give your hair a boost of nourishment. Virtue Labs Purifying Leave-in Conditioner is a lightweight mist that detangles, moisturises and protects your hair.  Leaving you with healthier, softer and shinier hair.

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ColorWOW Dream Coat For Curly Hair | $49 – $78.99

Say hello to your best curls yet. Enhance and define those curls with the ColorWOW Dream Coat For Curly Hair. A light-as-water styling spray that gives you frizz-free, crunch-free, silky curls while hydrating and adding shine.

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TIP 5: Feed your scalp with the nutrients it needs

A healthy scalp is key to a healthy head of hair. Your scalp is the literal starting point of your hair growth, which is why we can’t neglect its health! Scalp health is related to our inner health, and hair supplements provide us with key nutrients we may be lacking that are crucial to a healthy scalp. Such as Amino acids, vitamin c and collagen.


Apotecari Hair Food | $99.95

Apotecari is the answer to beautiful hair from inside out. Boost hair health, length, and strength with Hair Food. A specialised plant-based supplement in a delicious berry and pomegranate smoothie. Hair Food will help with thickening hair strands and increase the overall health of hair and scalp.

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Apotecari Mane Event | $54.95 (60 capsules) 

Boost your hair repair and growth with Apotecari Mane Event. Packed with aminos, vitamins and minerals scientifically formulated to build hair and help fight future damage.

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Winter Hair Repair & Growth Pack | $215.90

We’ve put together a tailored Winter Hair Pack with our fave products to get your hair through winter and help with repairing and growing your locks.

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Pack includes:

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