Step 1

Today I’m going to take you through a simple way of creating a classic yet very beautiful bun. First step is to establish the part that suits your face shape the most.

Step 2

To create a beautiful shape I always like to start with lightly back combing the crown area.

Step 3

Once the back combing is complete, secure hair away with an elastic. In a ponytail shape. Tip- I like to do this ponytail at the nape of the head. Personally I think this shape is most complimentary.

Step 4

Now we are going to twist the ponytail around the base. Working in an anti clock wise motion.
Then we are going to secure away with a few bobby-pins.

Tip- You’ll notice that I have left the hair over the ears. I like this detail and think it adds to the shape.

Step 5

There we have it. A beautiful and chic bun.
Hope you all like!

Byron. X

Photos- Kristina Soljo at Oneninetyninemanegment.
Model- Caitlen at Vivens.