How To Braid Like A Pro

The message coming from the catwalks and our Instagram feeds couldn’t be clearer: braids are back. Where once slouchy, pulled-apart plaits ruled, now the more precise and polished the braid, the better. Stealing their technique from traditional cornrow braids, pigtail ‘boxer braids’ use the same ‘under instead of over’ method and have been gaining traction since becoming ubiquitous with the Kardashian clan.

STEP ONE Create a middle part and clip one side away.
STEP TWO Take a small triangle of hair at the front and divide it into three, even ribbons.
STEP THREE Cross the right ribbon under the middle ribbon to the other side, and then the left under the centre ribbon to the other side.
STEP FOUR Add a small section of hair to the left and right ribbon and repeat step three. The smaller the sections, the more polished the result.
STEP FIVE Repeat steps three and four all the way down the head towards the nape of the neck. Then continue to plait normally with remaining hair and secure at the bottom.
STEP SIX Repeat steps two through five on the other half of the hair.
TIP: Keeping your hands as close to your head as possible while you braid will help to keep it tight and precise.

MOTION: E. Michael Wolf (SHOOT)
MODEL: Jessica Thomas (IMG )
HAIR: Byron Turnbull (Edwards & Co)
MAKEUP: Elsa Morgan
LOCATION: Edwards & Co, Alexandria Sydney