Hat hair the right way.

Thanks to Autumn’s arrival, it’s time to amp up your accessories and add an array of killer hats to your collection! To help you get started, we’ve put together 4 of our favourite go-to looks that are the perfect companion to work alongside a hat and take your look to the next level.


We’re all about soft tousled waves and an effortlessly done-yet-undone braid for this très chic half updo. This look goes hand-in-hand with beach days and weekend getaways, perfect for helping you step into vacay mode.

Top it off with a straw boater, a picnic basket in arm and a glass of rosé and you’re set for the afternoon.

To recreate:

STEP 1. Start off by prepping your hair with Kevin Murphy Anti Gravity and Beach Hair Resort Spray.

STEP 2. Dry the product in and tong the hair loosely to create a wave.

STEP 3. Let the hair cool down and gently brush through with a wide tooth comb.

STEP 4. Softly create a loose plait that sit’s at the nape of the neck to allow room for hat.

STEP 5. Lastly, secure plait with elastic and softly pull apart to add width to the plait – then reapply a spritz of Beach Resort Spray for extra texture.

Style with: Lack of Color Midnight Velour Boater and SIR Cara Dress


We’re all about this low bun with a twist! A more quirky and fun approach to what is normally quite a simple hair look. This is definitely an it-girl style, great for teaming up with a sleek fedora or luxe wide-brim with a point of difference. 

To recreate:

STEP 1. Prep your hair with the Kevin Murphy Full Again Thickening Lotion to work with your natural texture.

STEP 2. Secure hair at the nape of the neck in a ponytail with an elastic.

STEP 3. Leave a small section of hair out on one side, this will be used to wrap around the top of the ponytail later.

STEP 4. Use a second elastic for the bottom end of the ponytail, then bend the hair upwards and use a pin to secure hair to the top where the ponytail starts.

STEP 5. Add final detail by wrapping around the leftover piece of hair around the elastic of the ponytail.

STEP 6. Loosely pull apart as desired and finish off with the Kevin Murphy Shimmer Shine Spray for a glossy finish.

Style with: Lack of Color The Fader Fedora and Arnhem Symi Slip Dress


Add a little edge to your look with this textured braid style! We teamed this glam rock style with a black neck tie and a pop of pink. Add a tiny braid for some finer detail around the front of your face for framing and a little extra va-va-voom.

To recreate:

STEP 1. Prep the hair with the Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Lotion and allow the product to dry in.

STEP 2. Take a small piece of the front of the hair and create a small braid on one side of your face.

STEP 3. If  your hair has a natural textured wave to begin with then you can start plaiting, otherwise if not then lightly tong your hair beforehand to add a soft textured bend.

STEP 4. Allow the hair to cool down.

STEP 5. Bring your hair back to begin your plait and then secure the end of the plait with an elastic.

STEP 6. Use the Kevin Murphy Hair Resort Dry to add depth to the plait and finish off the look by wrapping a thin black neck tie around your neck and hair.

Style with: Lack of Colour Stardust Fedora and Arnhem Lhani Silk Cami + Lhani Silk Shorts


Last but not least, this beautiful braided crown! This is the holy grail when it comes to updo’s – a beautiful and ethereal look that sits perfectly with a hat and peeks out around the edging. We love this crown with a refreshing neutral fedora, an understated hat that let’s the hair do the talking.

Heading to Sunday brunch, a beachside BBQ with the girls or a family soirée? Then this is a must.

To recreate:

STEP 1. Prep the hair with Kevin Murphy Motion Lotion and let the product dry in using the blow-dry on low heat.

STEP 2. Brush through the product and then begin the plait. Start from either side of the temple, depending on which side best suits the direction of the hair growth on your head.

STEP 3. Plait inside out (this is when you bring the sections of the hair directing out) and work along the perimeter of the hair line.

STEP 4. Secure end with elastic.

STEP 5. Finish off with the Kevin Murphy Powder Puff and pin in desired place – this product is perfect for adding fullness and texture to create a thicker plait.

Style with: Lack of Color Zulu Fedora and similar Arnhem Spanish Rose Dress

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