10 Simple Ways To Repair Damaged Hair

Many of us experience damaged hair at some point in our lives, especially after colouring it, styling it, or spending time in harsh sunlight. If you’re looking for tips on how to repair damaged hair, you’re in the right place. Keep reading to find out our 10 top tips as well as the best treatments for damaged hair.

1. Go easy with the lightener

Lightener causes immense damage to your hair. Fact. This is because it strips your hair of all its moisture. So, if your hair is damaged from too much lightening, steer clear of it and work on bringing it back to life.

2. Get regular trims

Split ends are very common, but if they are not trimmed regularly the breakage will travel upwards, causing your hair to snap or become frazzled. Getting regular trims at the salon is the best damaged hair treatment.

3. Use nourishing hair masks

When you have damaged hair, hair masks are your best friend. There are different hair masks designed to suit different hair types and concerns, and if your hair is damaged you should use a deeply moisturising mask once or twice a week. Better yet, use leave-in masks and keep them in overnight!

4. Wash your hair less frequently

Another tip for repairing damaged hair is to not over-wash it, as washing it too frequently will strip it of its natural oils. Depending on your hair type, wash it just 2-3 times a week in lukewarm water. It will restore its moisture and have more shine!

5. Be gentle when your hair is wet

Your hair is most prone to damage and breakage when it’s wet, so handle it with care. Instead of roughly drying it with a towel, gently blot it. And, instead of pulling a hairbrush through it, use a wide-tooth comb to gently separate the knots.

6. Lower the temperature of your styling tools

Many of us use heated styling tools like straighteners and blow dryers regularly, but too much heat causes irreversible damage. Ideally, you shouldn’t use any heat on your hair, but if this is not an option, try lowering the heat and using a heat-protective spray before styling.

7. Use a specialist product

Salon hair treatments for damaged hair include products that have been specially designed to reconnect broken bonds, such as Olaplex. To find out the best products for your damaged hair, talk to one of our stylists.

8. Use a sulphate-free shampoo

A sulphate-free shampoo is essential when you’re suffering from dry and damaged hair. Sulphate-free shampoos help to maintain the natural oils in both hair and scalp, which means the moisture levels remain high.

9. Protect your hair on holiday

When you’re on holiday in warm and sunny climates, your hair suffers. The harsh UV sun rays combined with saltwater and chlorine is a recipe for disaster and can make your hair look frazzled and brittle. To prevent this damage, wear a swim cap when in the water and wear a wide-brim hat when exposed to direct sunlight.

10. Experiment with at-home remedies

There are a lot of natural ingredients that can help to repair damaged hair and inject moisture back into it – many of which are already in our kitchen. These ingredients include avocados, egg whites, yoghurt, honey and milk. Experiment with DIY hair masks and reap the rewards!