10 Minutes With Christophe Robin

We sat down at our Surry Hills location with Christophe Robin after his “Love is in the Hair” Breakfast, where he showcased his go to techniques and products from his range. We wanted to find out his insight into the typical Australian babe’s hair and how to create a routine for long lasting, future proof colour throughout the seasons.

E+ Co: “Why did you think to start making products? Was there a specific gap you thought you could fill or products that lacked something you could create?”

Christophe: “There was a lot of products on the market for damaged or dry hair but not as much for coloured hair. The products stripped the hair and I wanted to make products for long lasting beautiful colour. My ambition was to never be a product seller but to take care of the hair and the colour that was being mistreated.”

E+Co: “What are your three top products for the Australian girl who spends time at the beach and in the sun?”

Christophe: “The lavender oil of course is like a sunscreen for your colour, the cleansing mask with lemon of course is saviour for mistreated hair and the prickly pear bulb ah J’Adore it is my favourite for your whole body for sun exposed skin it is truly unique.”

E+Co: “What is your best recommendation for our clients”

Christophe: “You pay to come to a great salon for the best colour, you need to take care of it. Using supermarket products are too heavy with detergent and it strips your hair of the natural oils and beautiful colour. You wouldn’t wash your favourite cashmere sweater with a heavy detergent everyday so why do it to your hair? By maintaining beautiful colour, you should only need your hair coloured three times a year”.

Love E+Co x

See images from the event below thanks to Chloe Paul: