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Jaye Edwards


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With 8 thriving salons, 1 killer haircare brand, a cult social media following and an internationally recognised team of educators, Jaye Edwards reps a new breed of entrepreneur, with a razor sharp view on the industry and how to make it work in 2021.

Pioneering the EdwardsAndCo movement, Jaye’s signature future proof colours and seamless blends inspired a generation of rich-girl hair, saturating instagram feeds all over the world.
Each of Jaye’s 8 salons house Australia’s most refined hair stylists and makeup artists. Famous for sparkling brunettes, killer curls, creamy blondes and textured beach waves, Jaye and his team have developed a signature look that is synonymous with the E+Co brand, garnering an enviable international following.
Equally as impressive are the salons themselves. Jaye has created instantly recognisable spaces that speak to a generation of creatives. They are raw and minimal in design, with spacious and bright interiors, hidden behind the walls of endlessly chic warehouses.

With the introduction of EdwardsAndCo Education, plus his own haircare label, Jaye Haircare, Jaye has cemented his spot at the forefront of the industry, with work splashed across pages of Marie Claire and Vogue, and product lining the shelves of beauty giant, Mecca.


Hayden Doherty

Master Hair Colourist

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Hayden joined our Surry Hills location in 2016 as Head Colourist and team leader for educating junior staff. His career began in 2003 at a salon north of Sydney where he went on to specialise in colour and educate team members. With extensive knowledge, skills and experience from performing on stage at Hair Expo, Hayden has mastered a number of colour specialisation courses, as well as teaching an artistic colourist course.

Hayden’s approach to colour is first and foremost suitably. He focuses on tones that compliment his clients natural colouring and lifestyle through soft colour contrast and seamless blends that add punchy boldness and focal points in all the right areas. His work is effortless, allowing for a relaxed flow of conversation and trust with clients.


Craig Walker

Master Colourist & Stylist

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Craig began his career in the UK, winning numerous awards in men’s and Avant-garde styling. He joins our Crown Street location with a wealth of editorial styling knowledge from working in the core styling team for TV shows X Factor, The Voice and Dance Boss. He has also travelled with Sony Music, styling on tour and for music videos. His passion is men’s styling as well as creating natural, sun kissed colour work from creamy blondes to cool brunettes.


Jarod Laing

Senior Colourist & Stylist

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Jarod is originally from Newcastle Australia but made the move to Sydney to pursue a career in hairdressing. He joins our Surry Hills team with 4 years’ experience. His attention to detail has enabled him to work with Australia’s top designers at MBFWA and with key industry influencers at Hair Expo. He has also styled hair for leading fashion editorial magazines, styling countless influencers and models.

Jarod’s knowledge and passion for the industry ensures he is up to date with key trends within the industry and is always seeking new inspiration to further his knowledge. His portfolio boasts natural, lived in and seamless blends, finished with dream-like waves and textural cuts. Jarod’s talent and work ethic makes him one to watch in the future.


Aidan Gardner

Master Colourist & Stylist

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Aidan burst into the industry 9 years ago, originally from London working at some of the most high end salons. He is a senior stylist and colourist who has a flair for precision cutting, and bobs, bringing an edgy London vibe and combining it with Edwards and Co’s lived in natural look. He has a strong eye for detail and is able to achieve a wide range of looks catering to every clients needs. His portfolio oozes creamy dimensional blondes and bright balayages, which are always finished to perfection. 



Rob Szincsak

Men's Cutting Director

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Rob, originally from the UK, found the hair industry after high school, going onto gain his qualification and attended countless courses & seminars throughout his career. Rob’s passion lays within the mechanics of hair and the technicality behind cutting, the understanding of shape and structure of a haircut. He is all about suitability and precision cutting, whether it’s a creative cut or an everyday wearable style, it will be tailored to the individual. Rob is our Senior Men’s Stylist and is lead Men’s Educator across the Edwards’s And Co brand. Rob is keen to elevate the men’s industry and passionate about sharing his skills and understanding of men’s hair cutting.


KK Tulisi

Senior Colourist & Stylist

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KK started her apprenticeship in 2015 and ended up relocating from the Gold Coast E+Co to Sydney in 2018. Once in Sydney she became first assistant to Founder, Jaye Edwards, where she travelled throughout Australia and the world for global education and various on set opportunities. Now she works full time in Edwards and Co’s Crown Street salon and specialises in Colouring and Styling.


Madeleine Hulm

Senior Colourist + Stylist

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Madeleine joined the EdwardsAndCo team as a mature age apprentice and is now a Senior Emerging Stylist at our Crown Street location. She is in her third year of her apprenticeship and will be qualified in early 2021. Madeleine has been involved with many in-house and external training days and workshops, which have allowed her to learn from some of the most talented people in the industry. She loves creating killer blow-drys and beachy styles, as well as occasion based styling.


Noah Hill

Senior Colourist + Stylist

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Noah is a third-year apprentice at our Crown Street location. He has been working in hair salons from a young age and started training at a Central Coast salon, before moving to EdwardsAndCo. Noah has been involved with numerous in-house classes and training sessions, which have helped him build his experience and knowledge. He specialises in colour and has a passion for blondes and brunettes, as well as vivid brights and fashion colours. A quote that has stuck with him is that if a colour or haircut is worth doing, it’s worth doing well.


Zara Orr

Senior Emerging Colourist + Stylist

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Zara is an Emerging Stylist and Colourist at our Crown Street location. She started her apprenticeship at EdwardsAndCo in 2019 and is currently two months away from starting her second year. Zara started casually working in salons at the age of 14 and carried on throughout high school, pursuing her passion for hair and beauty. Zara currently specialises in treatments and blow-dries and has a passion for creating messy beach waves and classic smooth blow-dries.


Gerard Mcloughlin

Master Colourist & Stylist

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Gerard began his career in 2008 and is currently working at our Crown Street Salon. He is qualified in all hairdressing needs such as colouring, cutting, styling and men’s services. However, he mainly specialises in hair extension, blondes and bridal hair. His expertise and skills has awarded him the Loreal Colour Trophy in 2017. He is passionate but giving his clients a fresh look and allows them to set their own trends.


Will Edwards

Senior Emerging Stylist

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Will is in his third year of his apprenticeship at EdwardsAndCo Crown Street. He currently specialises in cutting and styling. He has spent the past three years training under some of Australia’s top hairdressers and was nominated for the AHFA 2020 Australian Apprentice Hairdresser of the year. Will is extremely fashion forward and is inspired by new trends and is always looking for ways to recreate them within the salon environment.


Georgia Rose Ackermann

Master Colourist & Stylist

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Georgia burst into the industry 8 years ago beginning her career as a hair extension specialist plus make up artist. Originally from Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs, Georgia’s love for hair started at a young age. Her career is full of incredible highlights such as working behind the scenes at Melbourne Fashion Week four times over.

Her true passions include creating beautiful colour-work as well as extensions. Her inspirations stem from high fashion magazines, industry big names such as Emma Chen and her colleagues.

Instagram: @georgiarose_edwardsandco

Malachi Mcsheen

Senior Colourist & Stylist

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Malachi has over 8 years experience working in both Australia and London. He has worked on Mercedes Benz Fashion Week for three years in a row. He not only specialises in freehand painting, but he can also give you a pretty mean tong. Whether its a colour transformation or a cheeky top up, he is here for all your colour needs.


Samantha Lauren

Freelance Makeup Artist

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Samantha Lauren is one of Australia’s leading Makeup Artists. Transforming and improving the appearance of a diverse range of clients, both nationally and internationally, Samantha Lauren utilises an array of techniques, tools and quality products. Samantha Lauren has lived and worked in Los Angeles and New York. She continues to travel the globe to provide services to some of the most elite photographers, celebrities, personalities and brand named clients. This includes makeup and spray tanning for Iggy Azalea, Will I Am, Cheryl Cole, Shannon Noll and Camilla Frank. Her work has been featured in a myriad of renowned magazines, editorials, runway shows, advertising campaigns and on television.


Danielle Mooney

Master Colourist & Stylist

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Danielle started her journey as a hair artist 13 years ago in Ireland. Danielle loves working with clients’ natural hair colour and enhancing their natural beauty by looking into their features and skin tones. She also values educating her clients on the importance of maintaining healthy hair.


Malia Maclean

Senior Colourist & Stylist

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Malia is a Senior Colourist & Stylist with 7 years industry experience. She always aspired to join the team at EdwardsAndCo, and IS now based at Crown street location, bringing her knowledge and skill to enhancing a woman’s natural beauty through colour and style. She loves working with lived-in blondes and sparkly brunettes, all rolled into glossy mermaid waves.


Stephanie Gonzalez

Senior Colourist & Stylist

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Stephanie is a Senior Stylist from Los Angeles, California, where she trained at the esteemed Aveda Institute. She has worked in Beverly Hills for four years in some of the country’s top salons and with incredible stylists and colorists such as Kacey Welch, Alejandra Lizet and Amaran Asylum.

Stephanie has had the pleasure of working with Kate Hudson and Eva Longoria, and has been involved with both the Los Angeles and New York fashion weeks, as well as numerous editorial photoshoots.

Now having lived in Australia for the past four years, Stephanie’s work embodies her LA-meets-Sydney style, creating looks that are low-maintenance and beach-ready. She specialises in lived-in hair for sun-kissed blondes, dimensional blondes and brunettes, creating styles that last months out of the salon. She believes hair should reflect the unique personality of each client, whilst enhancing their own natural beauty.



Nikki Thompson

Emerging Colourist & Stylist

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Nikki, is a 2nd year apprentice at EdwardsAndCo’s Crown Street Salon. She was raised in the Philippines and moved to the Northern Beaches, Australia when she was 16. She started her apprenticeship at 2019 with Toni and Guy Mosman, where she was able to experience doing editorial photo shoots and learning the fundamentals of colouring and styling hair. She has a passion for all things hair, including the science aspect of it. She will always want to learn about the newest techniques/ styles and gain knowledge about the latest technology in keeping the hair strong and healthy.

Aisling Delaney

Master Colourist & Stylist

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Aisling began her hairdressing career back in Ireland over 10 plus years ago.

When arriving to Australia she got quickly recognised for her high quality work and unique styling techniques leading her into
Working with some of Australia’s leading fashion brands.

She specialises in future proof colour and personalising detail colour for her clients lifestyle and future trends.